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Types of bees: Honeybees depositing nectar

Identifying the Different Types of Bees

Bees, if not for their pollinating or honey-making capability, are known for their stinging mechanism. That’s why people treating them as pests comes as no surprise. What a lot of humans don’t know, however, is that not all of them are aggressive (nor are all of them designed to make honey).

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Keep Your Children Safe From Bees

A bee inside your house or on your property can be worrisome, especially when there are children around. Bees can also be fatal because a person allergic to bee sting can easily go into anaphylactic shock.

It is not recommended to kill bees. Most bees sting, and their sting can even be deadly. However, there are types of bees such as the honeybees, bumblebees and Africanised honeybees that play a vital role in human survival. These bees are responsible for pollinating certain food crops that people eat. Read more

Bee contol techniques Labrador QLD

Bee Control: A Job for Experts

Bees are absolutely essential to the survival of the human species. They busily pollinate one-sixth of the world’s flowering plant species and 400 agricultural plants.

Without them, the world would face starvation as their pollinating habits are vital in the production of fruit, grain and vegetables. However, when they swarm and settle in a suburban back yard, they become a problem. Read more