Why Choose Termidor® HE

With the right procedures and treatment, you can completely get rid of termites in your residential or commercial property. However, an infestation can arise again, especially if you don’t have a reliable termite protection. We offer termite treatments that are only high-grade to ensure your problem doesn’t come back. These include Termidor HE (High-Efficiency) Termiticide.

Pre-construction installation of an Altis Reticulation System

Reticulation Systems VS Termites

Reticulation systems have the main purpose of protecting properties from subterranean termite infestations. Utilizing pipes, a reticulation system treats areas under concrete slabs and replenishes termite-treating chemicals to the soil.

Protect Your Garden From Rodents - Woman Digging in a Vegetable Garden

How to Protect Your Garden From Rodents

Horticulturists are faced with a broad range of challenges on a day to day basis. These may include unfavourable weather, defective irrigation and, on a larger scale, current economic conditions. The most mundane yet biggest problem that most of them have, however, is perhaps safeguarding their crops against rodents.

Types of bees: Honeybees depositing nectar

Identifying the Different Types of Bees

Bees, if not for their pollinating or honey-making capability, are known for their stinging mechanism. That’s why people treating them as pests comes as no surprise. What a lot of humans don’t know, however, is that not all of them are aggressive (nor are all of them designed to make honey).

Checking for bed bugs

How to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Hotels, inns and other establishments in the hospitality industry are very much prone to bed bugs. With hundreds of guests going in and out, infestations come as no surprise. If you’re a constant traveller, it’s important to protect yourself from these blood sucking pests—of course, unless you want an unpleasant bed bug situation to hold […]

Hantavirus causes breathing problems

Hantavirus Facts You Need to Know

Rodents, such as deer mice, white-footed mice, rice rats and cotton rats, have been known to carry hantavirus. Exposure to infected rodents or their urine, saliva or faeces can cause diseases like hantavirus haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). With a mortality rate of 38%, HPS can be fatal. Here […]

A swarm of flying ants

Why Flying Ants Day Happens

Seeing a swarm of winged insects – hundreds of thousands of them – is the stuff of nightmares. But rest your fears as some of these insects may be flying ants, especially if you see them during the summer months. What are these winged bugs? Is there a “Flying Ants Day” in Australia? Why does […]