How to Avoid Head Lice: Kids celebrating Halloween

How to Avoid Head Lice This Halloween

Costume hunting for your little one? Before you make them try out a costume, wig, hat or mask, consider the risks of donning something that has been worn by several strangers. After all, the least you want this Halloween are real monsters invading your home through your child’s hair or clothing — lice! Here are […]

Barbecued meat on a grill

7 Tips to Avoid Bugs on the Barbie

Spring and summer bring the perfect weather to enjoy a good ol’ backyard barbecue party with family and friends. However, as the months get warmer and warmer, more and more pests come out from hiding too.

Effective Bird Control: Swallow and baby birds in a nest

Effective Bird Control

Birds are great to look at, especially during spring, whether they are in gardens splashing in fountains or nesting in trees. However, they can become a major nuisance, especially when they make your home theirs. One of the reasons why bird control exists is because these animals can wreak havoc to any property. Their droppings […]

Kordon termite barrier when installed

Kordon Termite Barriers

When it comes to termites, it is paramount to take the appropriate action against them as early as pre-construction. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions knows how important prevention is, which is why we offer reliable termite protection that can match your situation and meet your specific needs. One of the most effective termite prevention solutions we […]

Termidor HE Termiticide Bottle

Why Choose Termidor® HE

With the right procedures and treatment, you can completely get rid of termites in your residential or commercial property. However, an infestation can arise again, especially if you don’t have a reliable termite protection. We offer termite treatments that are only high-grade to ensure your problem doesn’t come back. These include Termidor HE (High-Efficiency) Termiticide.

Reticulation systems installation

Reticulation Systems VS Termites

Reticulation systems have the main purpose of protecting properties from subterranean termite infestations. Utilizing pipes, a reticulation system treats areas under concrete slabs and replenishes termite-treating chemicals to the soil.

Protect Your Garden From Rodents - Woman Digging in a Vegetable Garden

How to Protect Your Garden From Rodents

Horticulturists are faced with a broad range of challenges on a day to day basis. These may include unfavourable weather, defective irrigation and, on a larger scale, current economic conditions. The most mundane yet biggest problem that most of them have, however, is perhaps safeguarding their crops against rodents.