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Do you have a problem with Pests?

Unseen and unknown invaders could be scurrying through your cupboards, hiding behind your stove, dishwasher and fridge waiting for “lights out?”  Do you know what they are, or are you finding tell-tale signs like droppings, taking a wild guess and applying over-the-counter products?

Pest Identification

The team at Bob Gunn don’t believe in guesswork. Our licensed Brisbane pest control technicians have a proven process that starts with identifying exactly what type of pests are taking over your property. Only then will our pest inspection team in Brisbane recommend a solution that is appropriate for your individual situation and the environment.

Residential Pest Control

If you’ve ever reached into the back of a cupboard for that beautiful dress from last season, only to find it eaten through with holes, you’ll know the damage that insects can cause, and it’s all done silently without your knowledge. Pest proof your home with treatments that work, and eradicate cockroaches, silverfish, moths, black ants, mice, rats and birds.

Commercial Pest Control

Clubs, hotels and restaurants have a reputation to protect and food safety regulations to satisfy. Child Care Centres and Nursing Homes have vulnerable clients in their care. Factories, office premises, schools all need protection from pests but the size of the task and the risk factors involved need a professional approach.

Termite Prevention and Control

The best way to deal with a termite infestation is to prevent it from happening and there are a number of simple steps home owners can take to protect their property. If an infestation has been found, it must be eradicated completely or the colony will reform somewhere else in the building. Termites are social creatures that live to serve the colony, and specialised knowledge is needed to outsmart them.


As most new homes or house extensions are built on the ground on concrete slabs, termite control before building commences is absolutely essential as the first line of defence against these tenacious pests. Bob Gunn Termite Solutions can install physical and reticulation systems to treat all building work requirements. 

Building and Pest InspectionsBob Gunn's pest and building inspection team

There are several reasons why these types of inspections are performed. The most common inspections are done before a property sale or purchase. Usually the mortgagee would request the pre-purchase inspection to protect their investment, but more vendors are requesting pre-sale inspections to assure prospective purchases that the property has no hidden surprises.

Bob Gunn Termite Solutions has the experience, training and technical skills to identify and apply the pest control solutions that are right for your circumstances. Their work is guaranteed so you can be confident that whatever your pest problem is, Bob’s team will solve it.

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